Diocese of Kyiv-Zhytomyr

DIOCESE OF KYIV-ZHYTOMYR (founded in the fourteenth century., Renovated 16.01.1991)

(2 bishops, 11 deanery, Seminary in Vorzel, 4 region, the area of 222,300 square kilometers, 149 parishes)

Cherkasy region: deanery of Cherkasy
Chernihiv region: deanery of Kiev
Kyiv region:  deanery of Kiev
Zhytomyr region: deaneries Baranivka, Berdychiv, Jemilchyne, Korosten, Novograd-Volyn, Radomysl, Romanow (Dzerzhinsk), Rosina, Zhytomyr.






Born 30.12.1963 in Berdichev (Zhytomyr region)., Ordained a priest 27.05.1990 in Riga, Vicar in Berdichev (Zhytomyr region)., 1991-1995 pastor in Sumy, 1995-2000 Chancellor of the Curia in Zhytomyr i Pastor of Cathedral in Zhytomyr, 2000-2002 Vice rector of seminary in Vorzel, 2002 rector of seminary in Vorzel, 07.04.2003 Ausiliary Bishop of diocese Kyiv-Zhytomyr, 07.06.2003 consecrated in Cathedral of Zhytomyr by Cardinal Marian Jaworski. April 12, 2014, Bishop Vitaly was appointed ordinary of Lutsk Diocese, solemn ingress to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul was held May 17, 2014.

Patron saint - April 28

street Kostelna 17, Kiev, 01001

Tel .: +38 (044) 278-16-89; fax: +38 (044) 278-71-71

e-mail: bishop@r-catholic.kiev.ua




Born on 11.19.1934 іn Dolnia (Latvia), ordained a priest on 13.04.1961 in Riga, vicar in Dauhawpils, 1997 the administrator in Balbinave and viceadministrator in Kraslava, 25.07.1977 r. administrator in Zhytomyr, 15.09.1981 Vicar of Bishop in Ukraine and Moldova, 16.01.1991 Ordinary Bishop of Zhytomyr, 03.04.1991 r. consecrated in Zhytomyr, 09.03.1991 ingress to the cathedral in Zhytomyr, 25.11.1998 Ordinary Bishop of the Kyiv-Zhytomyr. 15.06.2011 bishop-emeritus. Pope Benedict XVI accepted the abdication of the ordinary bishop Purwinski made in accordance with the requirements of canon 401 of the Code of Canon Law. 06.08.2011 appointed vicar general of the diocese.

Feast of the Patron - June 24

street Baseyna 9/7, Zhytomyr, 10014

tel. / fax: +38 (041) 237-30-53

e-mail: curia@zt.ukrtet.net