Volodymyr Kusnezh

Locality: Mykolayiv
Place of work: Parish
email kusnierz@ukr.net
Date of birth 1965-09-07
Name day July 15
Ordination 1995-12-16
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2013
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office

History of ministry::

Volodymyr KUSNEZH, son of Kazymyr
Date and place of birth-September 7, 196, Boryslav (Lviv Region)
Name Day-July 15
Ordination-Lviv, December 16, 1995
01.01.-15.11.1996-Vicar in Mostyska
1996-1997-Administrator in Volytsia
1997-2002-Studies in Paris – Institut Catholique de Paris (Scripture)
2002-2004-Prefect of the Higher Theological Seminary of Lviv
2004-2009-Administrator in Burshtyn
2009-2013-Pastor of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Lviv
2013-Pastor of a parish in Mykolaiv
Academic degree-Licentiate