Viktor Antoniuk

Locality: Brody
Place of work: Parish
Date of birth 1960-04-29
Name day May 21
Ordination 1987-06-06
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2016
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office Dean

History of ministry::

Viktor ANTONIUK, son of Boleslaw
Date and place of birth April 29, 1960, Murafa (Vinnytsia region)
Name Day-May 5 Ordination-Riga, March 3, 1988
1988-1990-Vicar in Chernivtsi
1990-1998-Rector of a parish in Chernivtsi
1998-2009-Rector of the Latin Cathedral, Lviv
2009-2010-Rector of a parish in Rohatyn
2010-2016-Rector of a parish in Halych
2016-Rector of a parish in Brody
2016-Dean of Zolochiv deanery
1993-Expositorium Canonicale
1994-Honorary Canon of the Metropolitan Chapter of Lviv
2002-Communal Canon of the Metropolitan Chapter of Lviv
2005-Honorary Chaplain of His Holiness