Mykhaylo Holdovych

Locality: Zolochiv
Place of work: Parish
Date of birth 1966-10-25
Name day September 29
Ordination 1994-12-17
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2008
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office Vice-dean

History of ministry::

Mykhaylo HOLDOVYCH, son of Josyp
Date and place of birth-October 26, 1966, Striletske (Lviv Region)
Name Day-September 29
Ordination-Lviv, December 17, 1994
1995-1997-Vicar in Rohatyn and Burshtyn
1997-2000-Rector of a parish in Horodok
2000-2002-Novitiate in у ОО. Redemptorists in Tukhiv
2002-2003-Vicar in Chernivtsi
2003-2006-Administrator in Staryi Sambir
2006-2008-Rector of a parish in Staryi Sambir
2008-Rector of a parish in Zolochiv
Academic degree-Master’s Degree