Ivan Zayats

Locality: Krakovets’
Place of work: Parish
email zajac_jan@wp.pl
Date of birth 1973-01-18
Name day December 27
Ordination 1998-12-21
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2015
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office

History of ministry::

Ivan ZAYATS, son of Stanislav
Date and place of birth-January 18, 1973, Lanovychi (Lviv region)
Name Day-December 27
Ordination-Lviv, December 21, 1998
1991-2001-Vicar in Rohatyn, Burshtyn
2001-2006-Administrator in Khorostkiv
2006-2008-Pastor of a parish in Khorostkiv
2008-2011-Economic Director of the Higher Theological Seminary in Lviv
2011-2015-Pastor in Khodoriv
2014-2015-Vice-Dean of the Striy deanery
2014-Military Chaplain of the Archdiocese of Lviv
2015-Pastor in Krakovets
Academic degree-master