Gerard Liryk

Locality: Dobromyl
Place of work: Parish
Date of birth 1950-10-12
Name day October 16
Ordination 1988-05-29
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2015
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office

History of ministry::

Gerard LIRYK, son of Stepan
Date and place of birth-October 12, 1950, Mostyska (Lviv Region)
Name Day-October 16
Ordination-Riga, June 5, 1988
1988-1989-Vicar of the Latin Cathedral, Lviv
1989-Pastor of a parish in Rudky
1998-2012-Dean of Sambir deanery
2013-2015-Spiritual Father of Sambir deanery
2015-Pastor in Dobromyl
1994-Expositorium Canonicale
2007-Rochet and Manteletta
2010-Communal Canon of the Metropolitan Chapter